Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writing for Busines Final

The purpose of business writing is to convey information to someone else or to request information from them. To be effective writing for business, you must be complete, concise, and accurate. Your text should be written in such a way that the reader will be able to easily understand what you are telling or asking them.
What have I taken from this subject and how will it affect me moving forward? Although there were many things covered in just 8 short weeks, the most valuable item to me was creating a cover letter and rebuilding a resume. My original documents, although it was formatted professionally and had a very appealing appearance, had not been updated since the year I graduated from Kaplan University in 1990’s. I was also very surprised at how much success this resume had produced with poor formatting and simple writing mistakes. Even though the document contain years of experience, it really did not tell a story of what I really could provide if hired. After taking this class and using the material within the Writing for Business text book, I now understand the important structure of how to create a polished resume.
The book provides many interesting topics, some of these rules I now apply in my daily communication at work. As a Computer Technician my previous writings when it came to creating documentation and email, were very short with few details. My communication style lacked the ability to appeal to all audiences. Although I have not implement all idea’s presented by the book, I now use the top down structure.
One topics also covered during this class had to do with Social Media, how it will evolve and if it is being used in my work environment. My company policy states only those using social websites for the act promoting the corporation will have access. The only area’s falling under this definition are Sales and Communication. Due to the risk of Computer Hackers, Viruses and Malware, these sites are not accessible to ordinary users. During our discussion related to Social Media and how your presence on the internet will become your future resume, I disagreed for that reason.  We have determined, until social media sites are both safer and trustworthy, Information Technology will continue to block these sites and approach them cautiously.
Personally I think Twitter and Facebook do offer a good idea. I also believe they will survive in some form. I can honestly say I may never Tweet and blog again. My personality when it comes to social networking is strictly interaction between close friends only.  Although I try not to generalize, Blogs and Tweeter seem to be filled with those whom are either subject experts or standing philosophers. As far as I know, none of my Facebook friends are heavy tweeters. I would also be surprise if many of them have Twitter accounts.
Finally I can say Blogs and Twitter really have become a new way of presenting hot off the press news. News Media organizations have been very successful in their approach of streaming new information. Without realizing how we interact with the Internet, we really have already bought into blogs or Twitter in some form. Websites such as MSN, CNN and have taken the same format. All you really need to do is scroll to the bottom of the article. There you will have opportunity to leave a comment or voice a concern.  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Article Why Twitter will Endure

Why Twitter will endure is an excellent article by David Carr. Twitter really is a river of rushing with information and constant updates. The format of Twitter happen to be in the early stages. This Networking site will soon become one of the most powerful news outlets in the world. People connected to the internet with love ones in far-away places currently receive information of changing events via text message and some light twitter activity. I imagine one day, not only will we see flood of information in real time, but also graphics to takes us to that location.
Imagine a riot in a far-away country and seeing the real-time event as it unfolds without waiting for the breaking news stories plaster across your TV. This will enable you to get different point of views from different tweets, not only in one location, but several if it's affecting different places.
By history of social networking, each site improves from the other mistakes. MySpace came along and introduce us to page building with friends.  One mistakes it made in eye was being too busy visually. Facebook introduced a more pleasant look that allowed me to connect to a more mature audience. It also gave me more opportunities to see and control what I wanted to see.  I had more privacy a little more privacy, but still dealing with constant advertisement.  The future of Twitter can grow from what Facebook and MySpace currently offer.  If you are on that likes tweeting your every move movement, why add video of where you’re standing. 
Most of the new outlets have begun to see an edge when it comes to how news is feeds across the world and now have people whom are paid to sit and tweet.  The Organization I currently work for has a tweeter, someone who constantly talks about how well our insurance stacks against competitors. Imagine where this is going, I believe Twitter will evolve into something amazing.

College Football Business

The Business of College football shows its ugly financial head with the demise of many and sometimes recognized Football coaches. Constantly we are reminded by the NCAA for what it stands for and its main purposes regarding student athletes. We can also take notice of how many billions of dollars are made across the country, but the minute an athlete attempt to make profit of any type he is strongly condon and often times the school is painfully scrutinized.
The saddest case I recall seeing over the past years involve what looks like an over blow incident involving Ohio State. One the schools top Athletes got a few favors related to selling merchandise. Not only did this stir up quite a big scandal, but also manage to get one the most well-known and successful coaches in college football fired.
Winning is also everything in the sport, you can call it the end of the year clean up. After most of the games have been played and records have been reveal, it now time to fire someone. The Donald must have brought back the coolness in firing not so bad employee. We see Coaches with records slightly better than the .500 mark and offered to attend bowl games quicklily dismissed. As much as it disappoints to see these things take place, there must be an understanding between both parties not seen by fans like me.
Large contracts overlapping large contract makes me wonder who's really profiting in this business. Schools constantly complain of higher tuition cost and then you see a news flash of a coach being fired but owed several million as part of a contract obligation. The next phase of the story mentions how they are searching the country for the best fit for our institution with even bigger dollar signs attached. I guess the coach with the 6 and 6 record whom had a couple bad seasons doesn't fit the bill. Why spend money to get the guy you'll be firing in 2 years for the same reason.
A few days ago I notice one of a Big 12 schools fired its coach whom did not have his shop setup for more than 2 years. The coach arrived with another coaches recruits, had opportunity to bring in a few recruits for one year and fired for not producing quickly. 
Those are short examples of a tough business in the world of College Football. Like it or not, things are not changing anytime soon.  It is designed and over seen by a complex group of individual whom govern themselves. Until individual state governments and other forms powerful figures take notice, we will continue to see the big dollars drive this business for a long time to come.