Sunday, December 4, 2011

Article Why Twitter will Endure

Why Twitter will endure is an excellent article by David Carr. Twitter really is a river of rushing with information and constant updates. The format of Twitter happen to be in the early stages. This Networking site will soon become one of the most powerful news outlets in the world. People connected to the internet with love ones in far-away places currently receive information of changing events via text message and some light twitter activity. I imagine one day, not only will we see flood of information in real time, but also graphics to takes us to that location.
Imagine a riot in a far-away country and seeing the real-time event as it unfolds without waiting for the breaking news stories plaster across your TV. This will enable you to get different point of views from different tweets, not only in one location, but several if it's affecting different places.
By history of social networking, each site improves from the other mistakes. MySpace came along and introduce us to page building with friends.  One mistakes it made in eye was being too busy visually. Facebook introduced a more pleasant look that allowed me to connect to a more mature audience. It also gave me more opportunities to see and control what I wanted to see.  I had more privacy a little more privacy, but still dealing with constant advertisement.  The future of Twitter can grow from what Facebook and MySpace currently offer.  If you are on that likes tweeting your every move movement, why add video of where you’re standing. 
Most of the new outlets have begun to see an edge when it comes to how news is feeds across the world and now have people whom are paid to sit and tweet.  The Organization I currently work for has a tweeter, someone who constantly talks about how well our insurance stacks against competitors. Imagine where this is going, I believe Twitter will evolve into something amazing.

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  1. The end result will be, I think, the need to create two different kinds of learning strategies, one fast, one slow. All students must be on both tracks at once, or switch at various times. This is all just pointless speculation, but consider: ship kids out to woods for 4 weeks without devices or electricity, make them read classics by firelight. Then, ship them back and make them build a website and be on social media for 4 straight weeks. Repeat; or send them to wired woods and have them do during day, one at night.