Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cause and Effect

When writing documentation cause and effect is a very important. Not only do you need to get your point across to the reader, but you must also take into consideration how it is processed. It is important to capture the reader’s attention by giving details of your topic. Break down the topic by placing things into groups. Using bullet points for each item to discuss is always a good way of drawing readers into my documentation.

While creating presentations, I also use pictures to show examples of what is happening with each of the details. Most of when the graphics can lead each of the readers using my documentation with really reading wording. My audience which is typically technical savvy are only interested in the beginning of the process to the end result.

The less technical reader has the ability to understand each point explained in detail and often feel comfortable with both graphics and writing. The pictures used have to show action of what is actually occurring on screen. Some of my readers want descriptions with graphics, but only short phrase and words.

The less technical reader requires more detail and description, often those who use my documentation not only use the graphics, but depend heavily on details. The details are often writing clear enough for those readers, but technical enough I will not insult the intelligence of my more technical group.

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