Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Design elements of Communication

When designing your communication it is very important to know your audience. Most readers of documentation are looking for what is interesting to them. If you are designing a manual about the sport of baseball and know your readers will be players, coaches and fans, it is important to draw enough interest for each particular group. For instance, coaches are interested in statistics, but also would like to know how each player fared over a stretch of time. Fans are interested in statistics, but also interest in the details of their individual favorite player. Baseball players are interest in how they fared and how their opponents are faring. If a hitter is in a slump, it is an advantage to you if you are a pitcher. If pitcher is not having a good year, a hitter can be a little more aggressive at home plate.
To draw each of the three groups into your writing it is important to give them what they would need to draw their attention. In this case, statistics would be you most powerful piece of communication.
By designing manual to first talk about the overall team’s performance and flow into each individual statistic you grab all parts of your audience by giving them what they need to stay interested.

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