Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eurozone waves to hit US

Problems in Europe have influence the market since the beginning of the Crisis. Daily while watching the Stock Markets, I notice any negative word will cause a dip. The Stock Market by history typically finds
an excuse to either go up or down. Which means they are strongly connected.
Worries that Europe's crisis could worsen and spread are spooking investors and consumers just as the holiday shopping season nears. Some fear U.S. consumers could rein in spending. Europe's slow growth is already dragging on some U.S. companies' profits. This is also forecast to slow US growth.
I can't help but think how the timing in these global issues all seems to come around at the wrong time. For people like me, ordinary investors whom believe that our 401k and other small investments would grow steadily toward retirement,  feel doomed. Looking at my result from week to week and quarterly when I received my statement, is a sinking feeling that we been lead down a wrong path.
It is believe that as things progress through the next weeks, retailers my feel the effect in form of consumers cutting back during the holidays. Will I cut back myself because what happening in Eurozone, probably not.
I still have the same 15 people or so to buy for with a similar budget as last Christmas season.
Am I concern about Euro's issues coming to an account near me? Of course I am.
From what I'm reading, not every U.S. Company is hurting in Europe, of course. McDonald's, Kraft Foods and Sara Lee Corp. I guess as long as people keep eating fast food, Mac and cheese and pound cake, they'll be fine. Which when I think about it, that's the weekly menu at my house. That could be a sign of in the long run, we'll be fine

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